On fire today Hayden. 2 quinellas already! Champion tipping!

Ben – 18th October 2014


Great start to the day! Win and quinella! Don’t know how you keep delivering these profits but glad you do!

Scott – 18th October 2014


Hey Hayden, Your unreal. Hope you have a great day.

Jake – 18th October 2014


Brilliant. First race I follow you and I have two winning bets! What a star! Legend.

Robert – 18th October 2014


Most tipsters want heaps of money and their strike rates don’t match yours. Good job Hayden. Thanks for sharing

James – 5th October 2014


I don’t know anyone that has achieved results like you have so you deserve to be congratulated on that alone, further more to be as transparent as you are is simply amazing as I have come across that many shady charlatans in my time it pisses me off daily, so you are to be commended on that also as most dodgy mobs only keep records that look like Christmas!!.

Adrian – 5th October 2014


Don’t any other betting, used to and no one came close to your tips.

Gerard – 5th October 2014


Having followed Hayden’s progress through Derryn Hinch’s radio program and then further through his web pages, I have invested my monies on his selections, and wagered it following his strict formula….and made sure I was not too greedy with my bets. I am stunned by the result….as shown by my statistics that I have held.

Since the 28th June this year, I wagered on 122 races, which resulted with 247 selections.  Of those selected, we had 52 winners, and a combined win/place result of 114 bets.

A stunning return by any means….and all in only 3 months

Bill – 2nd October 2014


I have been using Hayden’s tips and betting strategy for several years. As you would expect, there have been some ups and downs over the years. However, over the long term his tips are on the money more often than not, and his betting strategy ensures sustained profits using a clear risk management methodology.

Greg – 30th August 2014


I am one of those folks who met Hayden through 3AW’s Derryn Hinch many, many moons ago. Not only was my interest alerted by the strike-rate with his investment advice, but probably moreso because he differentiated between betting/gambling and investing.

If you are a gambler, punter or bettor, or worse still, a mug-punter, you are wasting your time here with Hayden. But one factor you must note is that Hayden does all the hard work for you. You don’t need to study form etc. and please steer clear of “tipsters”, “system gimmicks” and “newspaper gurus”. They select placegetters in every contest on the planet. Hayden invests in select events only whereat his research has indicated highly probable investment success. And he shares his advice for free with us to assist us in profit-making.

Any business has in-built risk factors; there must be risk attached to investment. So if you wish to belong to the “inner sanctum” here, you must be prepared to see some investments fail. And, as Hayden freely admits, this situation arises from time to time, and occasionally for a length of time. But in the long-term (if we follow his advice to the letter) his and our  investments pay dividends i.e. we make profits which we then transpose to another form of investment to create a system of compounding profit. You can withdraw your profit and spend it but if you are an investor, not a gambler or mug-punter, you will invest your profit and keep it working for you.

If you groan and moan about losses, you are not one of us, you are a moaning, groaning, greedy, selfish fool who fails to appreciate business strategy. If you are with us, follow the modus operandi. If you are seeking easy money through gambling, you are doomed. Go play marbles or bet on flies on the wall. Generally speaking we are not talking of huge sums of money here. Your outlay in multiples of Hayden’s advice is your decision. Having stated that, your investments here might be modest but it’s still The Big League. The same principles apply.

Decision time: mug-punter or investor? Oh, and if you are a dissenter and decide to leave, please close the door softly. It would be most rude to disturb those of us faithful busy counting our dividends.

Hayden, please pass me another bottle of “Grange”, thirsty business this profit-making! *VBS*

Frank 16th August 2014


Looking forward to the journey, keep the good work going.

Dorcen – 29th July 2014


The first I ever heard of Hayden was with Derryn Hinch 3AW show. He spoke well and didn’t promise anything and was very modest about his tips. For a long time I wasn’t having a bet and whenever I did have a go I didn’t do well. Just recently I’ve been investing like Hayden says. Investing with the proper approach and help from Hayden I’m on my way again in a good way. I invest my money on the Saturday and look at the results the next day, so I’m very pleased the way things are going, so thanks very much Hayden.

Gerry – 29th July 2014


My wife, who being a regular Derryn Hinch listener continually told me about Hayden Bradford who would provide horse racing tips and ensure that charities also benefited. Whilst somewhat cautious I finally started to listen to Hayden’s free tips to which my surprise, this person was genuine. In genuine, I mean knew his horse tipping, provided it free and charities also benefited. However, like life, there are always those who are jealous and try to undo the good that some do. I have now followed Hayden for a while, and like most tipping, you get the good days and the not so good days. BUT Hayden has more good days than bad days in a betting sense. He is also contactable, blunt and to the point, for which I admire.

So Hayden (not to mention my wife for those early times of nagging me about Hayden), thanks.

Dave – 21st July 2014


I have been a long time follower of Hayden . He doesn’t win every week or every month for that matter . But over time he consistently produces profits with his selections which are completely transparent . There is no fudging of figures . There are no outlandish promises that he can make you a millionaire. If you follow his advice and stick to the rules you will finish in front long term . Most tipping services charge an inflated fee for shit tips (I have tried plenty ). For the price of a book , which is a ripping read , you won’t go wrong with RaceStrat.

Adrian – 21st July 2014


I would like to say how much I appreciate the RaceStrat service. It is the best  that I have come across , plenty of winners , great service. Thanks Hayden , and may we all continue to prosper.

Mick – 21st July 2014