My wife, who being a regular Derryn Hinch listener continually told me about Hayden Bradford who would provide horse racing tips and ensure that charities also benefited. Whilst somewhat cautious I finally started to listen to Hayden’s free tips to which my surprise, this person was genuine. In genuine, I mean knew his horse tipping, provided it free and charities also benefited. However, like life, there are always those who are jealous and try to undo the good that some do. I have now followed Hayden for a while, and like most tipping, you get the good days and the not so good days. BUT Hayden has more good days than bad days in a betting sense. He is also contactable, blunt and to the point, for which I admire.

So Hayden (not to mention my wife for those early times of nagging me about Hayden), thanks.

Dave – 21st July 2014


I have been a long time follower of Hayden . He doesn’t win every week or every month for that matter . But over time he consistently produces profits with his selections which are completely transparent . There is no fudging of figures . There are no outlandish promises that he can make you a millionaire. If you follow his advice and stick to the rules you will finish in front long term . Most tipping services charge an inflated fee for shit tips (I have tried plenty ). For the price of a book , which is a ripping read , you won’t go wrong with RaceStrat.

Adrian – 21st July 2014


I would like to say how much I appreciate the RaceStrat service. It is the best  that I have come across , plenty of winners , great service. Thanks Hayden , and may we all continue to prosper.

Mick – 21st July 2014