I take fixed prices on my selections. I structure my bets to return a set amount per race, should either selection win. At present, for the benefit of the results page, I aim for a return of $100.00 per race bet on, should either of my selections win. I set my bets accordingly. I build up my betting bank slowly. As I do, investments on my selections increase. I use Bet 365 for my betting prices. I usually take two selections per race.

Selections for 22 July 2017. Posted at 11:30 am 22 July 2017.

Randwick R6 / 3. Man Of His Word
Randwick R6 / 6. Loyalty Man
Flemington R5 / 5. First Approach
Flemington R5 / 7. Ruby Sea
Flemington R7 / 4. Kilimanjaro
Flemington R7 /  6. Victory Downs
Flemington R8 / 2. Invictum Domina
Flemington R8 / 4. Princess Of Queens
Flemington R9 / 2. Highland Beat
Flemington R9 /  3. Invincible Al

Selections for 15 July 2017. Posted at 11:45 am 15 July 2017.

Rosehill R7 /1. Gold Symphony
Rosehill R7 / 3. Burning Passion
Caulfield R9 / 3. Tried And Tired
Caulfield R9 / 8. Schism