No fine print, no catches, just good betting and investing. 

My name is Hayden Bradford. I don’t hide behind false names or a mobile phone number. If I had a CV or resume it would read I’m an ex-stockman, ex-military man, ex-corporate man – now investor. I love this reinventing myself gig.

I designed my RaceStrat methodology to assist me to retrain my brain. I write for the same reason. I’ve taken some loses in the old Grey Matter Stakes (Read About Me). Analysis and writing I’m advised, is good therapy for the burnt out wiring and circuits inside my head. I take profits from horse racing and reinvest them into the share market, real estate, etc. Kind of like compounding profits. You invest profits to make more profits.

RaceStrat stands for Racing Strategy. I took what I learnt in analysis from my Military Intelligence days and combined it with an investment methodology and a business approach.

Business and Investing

I take very little notice of horse racing. I don’t know when I last went to a horse racing track. I hardly ever watch the races on TV, or listen to them on radio. My relationship with horse racing is the same as it is with all my investments – purely business. I wouldn’t know what some of Australia’s greatest race horses look like. And, I couldn’t care less. I place my bets as investments. Later, I’ll check the results. The emphasis for me is on business and investing as opposed to gambling and punting. For the same reason, I don’t sit around and watch the share market prices all day either. Once again, the emphasis for me is on business and investing.  

I don’t sell what I do, and I’m happy to share my selections. I think people who sell their horse racing tips tend to be a tad shady. I also suspect the reason most tipsters sell their tips is because they’re trying to recoup some of their losses. Meaning: Their horse racing tips are rubbish.

You Want My Selections?

My selections are FREELY available on my Selections Page on the days I have bets running. I place them up by lunchtime of each day I’m betting. When the races for the day are completed, I complete my profit and loss account for the day and publish it on my Results Page. I cannot possibly be any more transparent than this.

I’m working on the assumption that if win you a bit of the folding stuff, you might consider buying a copy of my very funny book titled ‘Travesty.’ Incidentally, ‘Travesty’ is now being made into a movie. The cost of the book is around $3.00 for an e-book, and $23.00 for a paperback. You can purchase the book from any on-line book store or book store. Also, if I happen to win heaps for you, then you may consider slipping a small percentage of your winnings my way, by way of the Donate Now button at the top of this page.  Depending on how this works, will depend on if I keep running this FREE service.


At times, I’ll write an article on horse racing as it applies to gambling, punting, winning and investing the profits. If the article benefits you – good, and if it doesn’t, who cares – it’s free. These articles can be located under the RAMBLINGS tab.


My twitter account is @HaydenRBradford

To Contact Me

I can be contacted through my CONTACT PAGE. I reply to all e-mails as I love to hear from you. Just bear in mind it may take me a day or two to get back to you.

Practice patience – it’s good for investing.

Disclaimer: is not a gambling website. The information contained on this website and the information contained in any email correspondence from is intended as a guide only. If you use this information, or any other information associated with RaceStrat –  it is at your own risk. The owners and publishers of accept no liability for any financial losses or any other types of losses caused by information it provides.

Please remember: That the only certainty in the thoroughbred horse racing game – is that there is no such thing as a certainty. You bet at your own risk.

Note: I’m not a financial adviser. Before acting upon any of my ideas, seek professional advice from your financial adviser.