Please remember: The only certainty in the thoroughbred horse racing game – is that there is no such thing as a certainty. You bet at your own risk.

My name is Hayden Bradford. I don’t hide behind false names or a mobile phone number. If I had a CV or resume it would read, ex-stockman, ex-military man, ex-corporate man.

I designed my RaceStrat methodology and I also write to retrain my brain. I’ve taken some hits in the old Grey Matter Stakes. Read About Me. Both analysis and writing I’m advised are good therapy for the burnt out wiring and circuits inside my head.

RaceStrat stands for Racing Strategy. I took what I learnt in analysis from my military intelligence days, and combined that knowledge with an investment methodology and business approach. I reinvest some my profits into other profit making investments, for example, the share market. This way I generate more profits.

I don’t sell what I do, I’m happy to share my selections. I think people who sell their horse racing tips tend to be a shady. I also suspect the reason most tipsters sell their tips, is because they’re trying to recoup some of their losses.

Meaning: Their tips are rubbish.

Note: RaceStrat is not a computer program or a racing system. I have no faith in either.

You Want My Selections?

No problems, I can give them to you. I can place you on my Email Distribution List. No fine print. No catches. The only thing you have to do is buy my book. Why? Because I’m an unknown in the writing arena. Therefore, I have to use all marketing avenues I can think of.

Once I’ve received the book receipt of purchase from you, I’ll add you to the list. Personally, I consider around $25.00 for a paperback or around $10.00 for an e-book dirt cheap for hours I put in for you.


At times, I write an article on the business side of winning on those who are fleet of foot. If the article benefits you – good, and if it doesn’t, who cares – it’s free. The articles can be located under the RAMBLINGS tab.


My twitter account is @HaydenRBradford

To Contact Me

I can be contacted through my CONTACT PAGE. I reply to all e-mails as I love to hear from you. Just bear in mind it may take me a day or two to get back to you.

Practice patience – it’s good for investing.

Disclaimer: is not a gambling website. The information contained on this website and the information contained in any email correspondence from is intended as a guide only. If you use this information, or any other information associated with RaceStrat –  it is at your own risk. The owners and publishers of accept no liability for any financial losses or any other types of losses caused by information it provides.

Please remember: That the only certainty in the thoroughbred horse racing game – is that there is no such thing as a certainty. You bet at your own risk.

Note: I’m not a financial adviser. Before acting upon any of my ideas, seek professional advice from your financial adviser.