What is RaceStrat?

RaceStrat stands for Racing Strategy. RaceStrat is an analysis methodology that is combined with a business approach and investment philosophy to generate profits from horse racing. I reinvest my profits into other profit making investments, for example, the share market.

RaceStrat is not a computer program or a racing system. I have no faith in either.

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At times, I write an article on the business side of winning on those who are fleet of foot. If the article benefits you – good, and if it doesn’t, who cares – it’s free. The articles can be located under the RAMBLINGS tab.


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I can be contacted through my CONTACT PAGE. I reply to all e-mails as I love to hear from you. Just bear in mind it may take me a day or two to get back to you.

Practice patience – it’s good for investing.

Disclaimer: RaceStrat.com.au is not a gambling website. The information contained on this website and the information contained in any email correspondence from RaceStrat.com.au is intended as a guide only. If you use this information, or any other information associated with RaceStrat .com.au -  it is at your own risk. The owners and publishers of RaceStrat.com.au accept no liability for any financial losses or any other types of losses caused by information it provides.

Please remember: That the only certainty in the thoroughbred horse racing game – is that there is no such thing as a certainty. You bet at your own risk.

Note: I’m not a financial adviser. Before acting upon any of my ideas, seek professional advice from your financial adviser.